Welcome to Villa Prandico in the beautiful scenery of the Salento countryside with the sea on the horizon.

... Our Cuisine ...

The Mediterranean diet, inherited from the Greek legacy, has its roots in the ancient history of our country. These eating habits have been passed on from generation to generation and are part of the Southern Italian farming tradition that has been able to get the best from simple resources. Bread, wine and oil are the basis of the mediterranean diet.


... Our Events ...

Indoors or outdoors, always in good company... Relax at our live show cabaret. Enjoy live music of the best local performers.Take part to our unmissable Bar Italia Thursdays. Everything in the beautiful scenery of the Villa... Follow us on Facebook for all Villa Prandico events.


... The Villa ...

Villa Prandico was built in 1809 and is named after the same-named district. The Villa is situated in the countryside near the community of Tuglie, between the communities of Sannicola and Alezio not far from the city of Gallipoli, the Porto Selvaggio Nature Park and the Pizzo. The Villa was abandoned until the early 90's. It was renovated in 1992. Now it is a metting point that goes beyond dining that in any case remains the main essence of the Villa.

... Where We Are ...

Contrada Prandico, Tuglie, Lecce, Italy

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